Riverwatcher Fish Counter


The Riverwatcher is used to monitor fish migration in rivers and lakes, addition to categorizing in size groups and storing images.


  • Measures the size of each fish
  • Saves image of every fish
  • Registers the water temperature
  • Accessable through wireless modem

Fish Farming Products


VAKI‘s products are used with fish from fry to harvest size of all species. VAKI has an extensive range of counters.


  • Biomass Counter
  • Fish Counters
  • Fish Graders
  • Fish Pumps

Biomass Daily

BD_front_page238x112 bd software_front page 238x112

The Biomass Daily System is the latest in biomass estimation technology. Wireless transfer of data from every pen, every day.


  • Real-time overview of all cages.
  • Larger samples, meaning higher accuracy.
  • Simple but powerful data analysis.
  • No stress to the fish, no disturbance to the feeding.



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