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Accurately measure your farm's

- a performance with infrared technology

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on Ronja Challenger

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30 years

and millions of fish counted

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new Customer Consultant

in Scotland

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VAKI at Aquaculture UK

Aviemore Scotland
25th – 26th May 2016

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We continue to be excellent

We are pleased to be once again among impressive group of outstanding companies in Iceland, according to the analysis from Creditinfo.

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VAKI celebrates its 30th anniversary

VAKI with 30 years of experience in counting and size estimation of live fish.

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VAKI prepares for bigger smolts

The fact that one can produce a bigger smolts on land also means that the supplier industry must take its restructuring. Equipment which was previously adapted less juveniles, are not in all cases longer best practice. That means new sizing of equipment and new technologies need to be submitted to take part in the trend.

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A Successful Exhibition

VAKI would like to thank all of our customers, partners and other good people in the industry who visited our stand at Aqua Nor last week. We are really pleased about the great interest in our products and services.

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Biomass Daily update

VAKI is continuously working on the development of both software and hardware, enhancing both performance and user experience.

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Smart Flow

It‘s common practice in fish-farming to grade fish into batches according to e.g. size and number. The number of fish in a batch and the size-range is variable. Now VAKI has introduced the Smart Flow system to optimize the process of grading fish into batches by controlling the entire process with a central control system.

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VAKI at Aqua Nor

Aqua Nor, the world's largest aquaculture trade show is just around the corner. This year we will announce some very exciting news at our stand. VAKI has been involved at every Aqua Nor trade show in Trondheim since 1987, where every two years we have the opportunity to meet many of our very good customers. We welcome you to our stand where we can show and discuss our latest developments.

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VAKI has expanded

Based in Iceland VAKI has for nearly 30 years, grown steadily in personnel and production in line with the growth of fish farming worldwide.

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Two day workshop

Riverwatchers from around the world came together in Iceland this week for a two day workshop and graduated with honours in Riverwatcher technology and software engineering, but even more importantly, shared experiences and learned from each other. 

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Launch of Riverwatcher Voice

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first edition of our Riverwatcher Voice newsletter.

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Relocation and expansion

This spring VAKI Chile moved its facilities from Puerto Montt to a new and bigger housing in Puerto Varas. The move is initiated by the need for additional space to accommodate growth in demand for our products and services. The company has more than doubled its square footage with the move in office and warehouse space.

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A new position

Over the past few years the company has grown rapidly and salmon farming has expanded all over the world, with Norway in the lead, and those who are in a position to know best foresee further major growth in the years ahead. VAKI has set forth an ambitious future vision allowing for extensive growth potential and has now made some changes in company’s structure to bring it into line with this vision.

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Excellent performance

We would like to inform you about a research carried out by Scottish Natural Heritage that addresses how different types of counters compare.

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Skibo Castle Riverwatcher

Latest addition to the Riverwatcher family in the UK.

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New addition

The Camera Riverwatcher records fish after they have passed the scanner, usually going upstream. Since the scanner identifies the movement of fish and triggers the camera, the Riverwatcher needed to be equipped with two sets of scanners to record fish going both up and down. The new version allows us to look back in time and see what happened in front of the camera before the scanner identified the fish.

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Best Progress Award

Salmar Nord

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Strongest in Iceland

VAKI Aquaculture Systems Ltd. has been awarded for five years in a row the strongest in Iceland and contributes to the future of the Icelandic economy.

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New representative

A new representative for Riverwatcher. 

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New PLC presented

at Aqua Sur

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Watching the River Dee

On 3rd October 2014 the first salmon ascended the Culter Dam in over 200 years, thanks to a fish pass we installed on the dam just days earlier. This dam, at Peterculter, is the largest man-made obstruction on the River Dee. 

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The Contest Winner

Our Photo Contest has been completed and the winner selected. Many good photos were submitted. We would like to thank all that participated in the contest - this has been really fun. We are pleased to announce that the winner of our Photo Contest this year is George Slim. George Slim is proud owner of a new GoPro HERO3 Camera.

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They're watching us

River otter and a Cormorant

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A big one

i Glomma River

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Record number of fish

in Skotfoss

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The Challenge

Biomass Control helps industralise salmon farming further

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Photo Contest 2014

win a GoPro HERO3 camera.

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Welcome Berglind

to the VAKI Team

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Visit us at Aviemore, Scotland

28th & 29th May 2014

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Video blog

Riverwatcher Daily

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World Fish Migration Day

VAKI's participation

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Riverwatcher Workshop

in Helsinki, Finland

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Research and Development project

(only in Icelandic)

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Importance of good customer service

Visit from Toskedal

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VAKI Team up with ACE

Fish Migration and Counting Workshop

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See you at Aquaculture UK

28th & 29th May 2014

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Outstanding company in 2013

the forth year in a row

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Framadagar 2014

VAKI á Framadögum háskólanna
(only in Icelandic)

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Otter video

in Staffordshire river

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Software Engineer job

in Iceland

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Official opening

in Köpingebro Nybroån

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New Hire

Gunnar joins the VAKI team

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New Representative

in Germany

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151 cm Huge Salmon

swam through the Riverwatcher

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Presentation in Oviedo (Asturias)

on the 16th of September.

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Without the Riverwatcher

it might have been necessary to close the river

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Successful Exhibition

at Aqua Nor 2013

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New High Speed Counter

for bigger challengers’.

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Exciting news from VAKI

See you at Aqua Nor, August 13th to 16th 2013

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Aviemore Show in Scotland

David Jarron went to one of the UK’s largest aquaculture events.

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Further Success With The Biomass Daily System

More and more companies are renting biomass counters for all their farms

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Riverwatcher seminar in Sacramento CA

Two of VAKI‘s staff, Benni and Gulli went on a successful Riverwatcher seminar in Sacramento CA.

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Hermann Kristjánsson Pioneer of the year 2009

December 30th, Hermann Kristjánsson General Manager of VAKI, was selected the Pioneer of the year 2009 by the Business press of Iceland.

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20,000,000 fish measured

Biomass Daily measures 20,000,000 fish.

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Riverwatcher seminar 2009

Informative, Interesting and without doubt Fun Riverwatcher seminar

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Vaki busy at Aqua Nor

The Vaki stand was a busy spot at this years Aqua Nor.

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First Riverwatcher installed in Norway

June 24th VAKI installed the first Riverwatcher fish counter in Norway, in the river Stabburselva in Finnmark.

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6 Sjøtroll sites in Norway with new Biomass Daily

This week 6 sites of Sjøtroll in Norway got installed the latest Biomass Daily system.

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Riverwatcher counts salmon on the river Rhine

Last month VAKI technicians in cooperation with Mats Hebrand of Fiskevårdsteknik in Sweden, installed the first Riverwatcher fish counter in the river Rhine.

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Export Award 2009 to Vaki

On Wednesday, 22 April 2009, Vaki received the President of Iceland's Export Award for achievement in the exporting of Icelandic products and services to overseas markets.

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More deliveries of the Heathro fish pump to Norway

The Heathro fish pump has been a big hit in Norway.

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New installation of Biomass Daily in Norway

Both Marine Harvest Norway and Lerøy Vest are now using Biomass Daily to measure the size of their fish.

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Focus in the industry on biomass control

John Harald Pettersen at Ewos claims that the salmon industry in Norway looses up to 500 million NOK because of bad biomass control.

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Lerøy Aurora with Biomass Daily

First installation of Biomass Daily in Norway
Lerøy Aurora, a company in Northern Norway, was the first company in Norway to get installed the new Biomass Daily system.

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President of Iceland visits Vaki

The president of Iceland, Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, paid Vaki a visit this morning and was led into the world of Vaki and fish farming.

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Marine Harvest Scotland Go Daily

Marine Harvest Scotland and Vaki sign a 4 year contract to bring 15 Biomass Daily systems online.

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Stehr group in Australia with counters, graders and pumps

The Hatchery Manager Morton Deichmann selected a complete system of Vaki Heathro pump, 96 grader and 3 channel Micro for both of the hatcheries in Arno Bay and Port Augusta.

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Vaki still going strong

Last year, 2007, was a good one for Vaki, with sizeable growth on its major markets and new products that promise strong future sales.

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Grading & counting in Turkey

Many Vaki graders and counters have been delivered to Turkey the last months.

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Vaki in Tasmania

Deliveries of two 4-channel Macro fish counter to Tassal in Tasmania

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New wellboat counter

A new solution in counting fish on wellboats.

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New Finance Manager at Vaki

Hanna María Hjálmtýsdóttir has joined the Vaki team as the new Finance Manager

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Termar with a complete trio

Termar Sea Farm with a new grading and counting system from Vaki.

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Vaki at Aqua Nor 2007

Vaki with a new biomass daily system at Aqua Nor.

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Villa Smolt chooses Vaki

Full pakke for Villa Smolt på Moltustranda.

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New employee at Vaki

In January Þorvaldur Logi Pétursson joined forces with the development department at Vaki.

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Norwegian service rep on training

Atle Toskedal, Vaki's Norwegian service rep, spent last week in Iceland for training and for getting the latest information on the Vaki product range.

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Visit from Vaki Chile

Last week, Christian Plaza from Vaki Chile and Eugenio Colillanca Hernández from Acuisel, both in Puerto Montt, visited Vaki HQ in Iceland for a training week.

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The Heathro fish pump is selling well

The Heathro fish pumps are selling very well and especially in Norway.

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New member to the Vaki team in Norway

This week Unni Austefjord  joined Havbruksinstituttet, Vaki's distributor in Norway.

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Leading in fish farming for 20 years

June this year will see the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Vaki by Hermann Kristjánsson, who was then completing his studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Iceland.

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Pan Fish double rental frames

Pan Fish Scotland recently extended its rental contract and doubled their existing fleet of Vaki slim line frames. Production Controller Derek Smith has been with Scotland's second largest Salmon producer for over 6 years and is responsible for the operation and information gathered by equipment from Vaki.

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