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151 cm Huge Salmon


swam through the Riverwatcher

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Jockfall River in Sweden



Enormous salmon swam through the Riverwatcher in Jockfall in Sweden. The salmon measured 151 centimetres in length and 40 kg in weight.

"We have never seen such a big fish go through our Fish Counters," says Magnus Thor Ásgeirsson, Marketing Executive for the Riverwatcher at VAKI.

"The fish is so big that it can hardly go through the opening of the Fish Counter," says Magnus. "In Jockfall are remarkably large fish, the average is absolutely stunning“.

Swedish newspaper reported on Aftonposten giant salmon on its website.

The Riverwatchers Fish Counters from VAKI have been installed in hundreds of rivers around the world.
The Fish Counters are often installed in fish ladders or in cooperation with other projects, such as contractors or energy companies in return for monitoring of the fish.
The scanner frame uses infra-red light that measures the fish and turns on the camera. Thereby we get both the details of all fish that passes through and pictures of them. "

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