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20,000,000 fish measured


Biomass Daily measures 20,000,000 fish.

Biomass Daily measures 20,000,000 fish.

Another Biomass Daily milestone was passed at 5 minutes past 4pm on Tuesday the 6th of October 2009. A 3.482kg salmon swam through the Vaki Biomass Daily frame placed in cage No.1 at the Torridon Sea Farm in Scotland. This auspicious fellow was the 20 millionth fish to be measured by Biomass Daily.

Biomass Daily is currently measuring fish 24 hours and monitoring growth every day in over 250 cages throught Scotland and Norway. The 2 latest sytems were despatched to the Shetland Islands this week and it is planned that the first trial systems will be installed in Tasmania at the start of the new year.


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