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30 years


and millions of fish counted

VAKI celebrates

This year marks the 30 years anniversary of the establishment of Vaki. Vaki will celebrate this occasion several times throuhgout the year. In early June many customers, employees, partners, agents and other benefactors of Vaki came together to celebrate this milestone in our history.


Professional conference

The conference was held in Harpa, where nearly 100 people attended and listened to speakers from 5 different countries. The topic was the status and the future of aquaculture in the world.

That evening was an anniversary reception in the Whale Museum in Reykjavík. Nearly 200 people attended. Hverjir komu

Chefs prepared delicious international meals from the main markets of Vaki. Pisco sour and wine from Chile, whiskey from Scotland, fish from Iceland and sweets from Norway.

Hermann Kristjánsson, founder and CEO of Vaki held a small talk where he among other things gave a brief history of the company. Live music and entertainment went all through the evening and was well received by the guests.

The company

Vaki is a leading high-tech and innovative company that has reinforce with every challenge in its 30 years from establishment.
A professional service and good product training are fundamental for the success of the company. Vaki has a worldwide agent and service network, which provides full support and maintenance to customers. Additionally VAKI offers specific seminars, product training, quality monitoring and after-sales support all over the world.

The largest market areas are: Chile, Norway, Scotland, North America and the Mediterranean.

The Future

Vaki is committed to continuous innovation and development. Originating from personal service and in collaboration with our customers, we hope to continue expanding our products to offer more features and benefits for the future. Vaki will continue to act as a leader in this growing industry and a trusted manufactureer to our customers.

Vaki looks forward to the next 30 years and the challenges that lie ahead.


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