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Biomass Daily update


VAKI is continuously working on the development of both software and hardware, enhancing both performance and user experience.

Biomass Daily new interface


The main changes for the Biomass Daily software are:

• In every way faster, smarter and easier access to all your data
• Easier comparison between cages, generations and production cycles
• The possibility to add various parameters such as; temperature, depth and oxygen
• Refreshed user interface with English, Norwegian and Spanish versions
• Calculation of periodic Feed Conversion Ratio


New frame for smolt measurements


Additional to the two existing frames VAKI has developed a smaller version of the Biomass Daily frame, which is designed for hatcheries. These frames are optimal for monitoring daily growth and size distribution for salmon and trout down to 50 gr, thereby reducing manual labour and stress on the fish associated with manual sampling. The software is the same as for the standard version.



Ingrease productivity and cut feeding cost


Monitoring the FCR based on real growth is essential if you want to cut feed cost. Real time comparisons between cages and sites are also important if you want to improve your FCR.

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