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Channel Counter to Norway


VAKI Counters in more than 20 wellboats in Norway.



channel counter

Many new Channel and Smolt Counters for Wellboats have been leaving Iceland for new challenges.

Last week VAKI sent two Channel Counting systems to MMC Tendos in Norway where they will adapt the new counters to their grading equipment for two new boats that are being built for Sølvtrans and Rostein. MMC Tendos and VAKI have been working together on similar projects and now we have counters in more than 20 wellboats in Norway.


These counters have very high capacity even with 98% accuracy, and are being used to count both smolts at deliveries and larger fish when graded. The counter also saves images of every fish counted so the fish farmer can verify the numbers and get a thorough report on the whole counting.

We at VAKI congratulate them on their new Channel Counter.

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