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Do not miss out on presentations this year


we start off in Germany


After several seminars for existing users last year, this year´s focus will be on shorter presentations for interested stakeholders and possible clients. And just like last year we start off in Germany, this time in Berlin and Stuttgart. Our Berlin presentation will take place on the 18th of March at the Nordic Embassies and in Stuttgart on the 21st at the University of Stuttgart. 

Topics include:

•         Case studies from Germany
•         Riverwatcher history and technical background.
•         Technology: The scanner´s electronic equipment explained.
•         Camera system: Identification of different species.
•         Monitoring fish migration in rivers.


•         Q&A sessions.
•         Light lunch and discussions.


The presentations are from 10.00 am to 1.00pm.

18th of March, 2013


21st March 2013

The Nordic Embassies
Rauchstr. 1
D-10787 Berlin
Phone:+49(0) 305050 4000
        Institut für Wasser- und Umweltsystemmodellierung
der Universität Stuttgart
Seminarraum (0.916)
Pfaffenwaldring 61
D-70569 Stuttgart


Registration here
For more information contact:
Magnus Thor Asgeirsson at

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