Few fish on the hook does not necessarily mean few fish in the river. - Vaki
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Few fish on the hook does not necessarily mean few fish in the river.


There is not necessarily any correlation between the number of fish caught and the number of fish migrating in rivers, says Preben Strand from Vaki. We have examples of rivers that have experienced a record increase in migrating fish while at the same time have experienced extremely poor fishing.

Riverwatcher is a simple installation
that helps fish monitoring.

Important to know and not guess
It is important to know and not guess how many fish are in the river, says Preben. With the Riverwatcher Fish Counter river owners can follow up on exactly how many fish are in the river at any time.  The Riverwatcher provides a comprehensive overview of the situation in rivers compared with the other methods that are used today.
The current method of diving and occasional counting of salmon provides only a snapshot of the situation, states Preben Strand. Reppafjordelva River is a good example where there is no correlation between catch and the number of fish in the river. Last year they had a record increase, while fishing was very bad. After installing the Riverwatcher they decided to keep the river open because they could document the upswing of salmon.

Very pleased
It is true that we had poor fishing last year while also fish numbers rising in the river, said Ron Olsen's owner of Reppafjordelven River. With the Riverwatcher, we have a full picture of how many salmon that migrate up the river and we can confirm and document this. We are very pleased with the installation and are currently looking to invest in another Riverwathcer which will be located right by the sea. That way we get the best control, says Olsen.
Today there are seven rivers in Norway with Riverwatchers installed (Reppafjordelva, Skottfoss, Akerselva, Stabburselva and three in Glomma). In addition there will be three new instaltions in this year. In Norway there are between 300-400 fish ladders. So there are still many rivers that could benefit from the Riverwatcher.

Common interests for river owners and fish farmers
In the areas where there is both salmon rivers and farming activities, we also see that collaboration on a common salmon counts project could contribute positively to both industries. It can be grounds for these two industries to meet, where aquaculture can contribute to the financing of an important tool that could benefit both industries, says Preben Strand.

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