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Further Success With The Biomass Daily System


More and more companies are renting biomass counters for all their farms

More and more companies are renting biomass counters for all their farms and at the same time joining a great group of satisfied Biomass Daily customers. The newest user of the VAKI Biomass Daily systems is Bremnes in Norway. Bremnes specialises in processing and preserving fish and fish products. They have recently bought 2 systems for their sites in Kalhag and Jørstadskjæra. It will be interesting to follow their results and comparison between years.
 With our latest model, a single counting frame is positioned on a long-term basis in each pen. Every day, the frame gathers and transmits data from all the fish that swim through the frame. These data are sent through a wireless connection to the system computer, which is connected to the internet, so that sales managers and others with internet access can follow developments in each pen from day to day. With this link between the system and the central computer gives real time feedback for all cages day and night. Users of the system do not even need to log in to see reports; the information will be delivered automatically to their email inbox on a schedule of their choosing, e.g. monthly or daily.
The aim of the Biomass Daily concept is to supply accurate, up-to-the-minute information on the growth, average weight and size distribution from every stocked cage and allowing the opportunity for immediate response to any unforeseen changes or unusual conditions.

The main benefits of the Biomass Daily are:
• Up-to-the-minute data on size, available in real time 24 hours each day
• Automatic delivery of reports by email
• Immediate warning to any unusual changes in growth
• Continuous measurements based on larger samples
• No specialist needed to operate equipment and gather data
• Stress-free sampling
• Bigger samples, meaning more accuracy
• Increased Bio-security
• Unnatural changes in the growth patterns can be detected as soon as they occur
• Reduced cost per cage
• Instant access to information via internet for data analysis.

The Biomass Daily System
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