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Grading & counting in Turkey


Many Vaki graders and counters have been delivered to Turkey the last months.

Turkey is Europe's second largest bass and bream producer as well as being a major supplier of Trout.

AkuaDan, the Vaki dealer for Turkey, have a sure fire method for proving the benefits of good control of size directly to their clients by utilising the Vaki grader into their own vaccination service. After only a few months AkuaDan have now supplied the Vaki graders to key Bass, Bream and Trout producers in Turkey such as Akuvatur, Pinar, Bagci and Kilic the largest in Turkey with a juvenile production of 150 million bass and bream.

As part of the customer support service David Jarron from Vaki Iceland and Martin Ooms from Catvis BV joined the AkuaDan team on training visits to the new grader users. A program of calibration and set up training for the grader included on site demonstration of the Vaki 3 channel Micro fish counter in combination with the grader.

Turkey's largest farmed fish producer Kilic supply 20,000 tons of sea bass and bream and have plans to increase hatchery output to over 200 million juveniles per year. Previously hand grading and sample weighing was an exhaustive, labour intensive 24 hour operation. Automated, fast and accurate grading and counting from Vaki allows better use of staff and resources as well as improving overall control and general husbandry. During the visit to Kilic the counter, which had the size estimation package, was used to count 26,906 fry which showed an average weight of 2.7g which was within 0.1 g of the hand sample weight. The counter was also used at Pinar and Akuvatar where 89,644 bass had an average weight of 0.5g and 25,368 bream were an average of 0.8g. Bagci Turkeys largest trout producer received comprehensive training the set up and calibration of the Vaki 150 large grader and are now in discussions to add a Vaki counter and fish pump to the process.

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