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Importance of good customer service


Visit from Toskedal

Regularly we get our service agents to VAKI Iceland for service training and to get familiar with new products that are in development. We know that it is important to train our staff well to ensure accurate use of our equipment. Also and most importantly to give every member of our staff enough information and power to be able to service our customers well.

Our service agents from Toskedal A/S in Norway came last week for this kind of staff training. Although they were busy with training we manage to find time to strengthen our relationship and synchronizing our actions.
Atle and Frode have been working for VAKI and Toskedal A/S for many years but Joachim is a new employee and we would like to use this opportunity to welcome him to the VAKI Team.

Latest Products and Systems
Here we would like to mention the new Macro EXEL and Channel Counter.
There is also some new updates and improvements on our standard products such as the Biomass Daily System as well as on our broad selection of counters.

VAKI‘s continued focus on research and development will ensure that our customers always have the best tools available. VAKI takes great pride in rising to the challenges of the industry.

Joachim, Atle og Frode

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