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Important but disturbing information


Catch figures for 2012 where 55% lower than in 2011

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Nordura River5

The Riverwatcher comes in handy.

River Nordura is one of Iceland’s finest salmon rivers and has proven to be an important source of income to its owners with ripple effect benefits for the community.  

It is therefore a concern that catch figures for 2012 where 55% lower than in 2011 and 42,7% below the average of 1968-2012.   So what happened? Unlucky (bad) fishermen? Unfavorable weather conditions? Less fish in the rivers?

Fortunately, there is a Riverwatcher installed at waterfall Glanni in Nordura that can help us shed a light on the situation. But the information it provides is all but pleasing. Fish migration has not been less since the installation of the Riverwatcher in 2002 and results in 64,6% below the average year. Fewer fish caught in 2012 is therefore not the result a low catch ratio or bad weather. 

The disappointing catch resulted in 949 salmons, 14 chars and 57 trouts.  Fishermen released 264 salmons, 11% of caught one year salmons and 83% of large salmons. The large salmons, two years or more in the sea, 4,4kg average, proved to be 23,4% of the annual fishing .  Migration was 1.134 fish, 172 trout, 818 small salmons and 177 large salmons (70 cm or larger). Large salmons are therefore 15% of the migration. Migration is 57% less than 2011 and 65% below the average of 2002-2012.  A little less than 70% of salmons migrated in July. Catch ratio was 33,5% in total, divided into 30,3% of the small salmons and 51,4% of the large salmons.

The red bar shows small salmons, the green bar shows large salmons and the blue line shows trout migration.


Read the report here (only in Icelandic)

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