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Ísþór pleased with grading results

Ísþór explains that it is very profitable to use the VAKI Fish Grader to grade smaller fish.

Jónatan Þórðarson at Ísþór in Þorlákshöfn has been grading with the VAKI Fish Grader for several years and is happy with its results.
Mr. Þórðarson grades small fish, the size range is from 0.6g to 1.8g and the capacity is up to 200.000/hour if the supply of fish is constant throughout the grading.

The new larger Grader is designed for fish from 5 g and is very gentle with the fish, which remains in water during grading. The new grader is hexagonal, which makes it more accurate than before because it is easier to setup equal lengths between the compartments. These changes mitigate the effect of centrifugal force which can cause the fish to move to the outer edge of the compartment.

At Ísþór they have made some examinations on the results for the grading of small fish, and are extremely pleased with the results. They argue that the grading is equally good as manual hand grading.
However does the VAKI Fish Grader save immense manpower and working hours.

The grading gaps were set on 3mm, 4mm and full opening. The outcome was a middle size group from 1 – 1,5g and the smallest group less than 1g.

They concluded that it is very profitable to use the VAKI Fish Grader to grade smaller fish even though it is not as accurate as grading fish over 5g. The valuable labour saving is a clear benefit.

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