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Know your river

BFG aims for better fisheries management

Hermann Kristjánsson Director of VAKI and
Mats Hebrand sales agent of VAKI in Sweden
and Germany.

Riverwatcher video from the river Mosel in Koblenz.

VAKI recently delivered two new Riverwatcher Fish Counter systems to BFG (Federal Institute of Hydrology) in Germany.

BFG acts on behalf of the state of Germany advising and consulting on the specification and procurement of equipment for monitoring of ecosystem in rivers and areas of inland water.


BFG purchased total of four complete Riverwatcher systems most containing multiple scanner and camera set ups. The first system was installed earlier this spring 2011 in the river Marklendorf.

Earlier this month VAKI went to Koblenz to assist in the installation and set up of the first of the two double height tandem Riverwatchers in the river Mosel in Koblenz. The system also includes an airfilled cone camera system.

The airfilled cone camera is the latest design modification improving the quality of the images particularly useful where the system is installed in turbid or dirty water.

Animation from a Double tandem project in Sweden

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