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New counting challenges in England


Glass Eels as seen through the “eyes” of the Nano counter.

Nano klipptur

UK Glass Eels are a supplier of pre juvenile eels commonly  known as glass eels for commercial eel farming and river restocking programs throughout Europe.
Located in Gloucester, close to the river Severn that runs into the Bristol Bay on the west coast of England, owner Peter Wood contacted VAKI with a challenge to develop a high speed and accurate counter for these tiny creatures.
Our main Macro man Sverrir was dispatched from Iceland earlier in December tasked with the initial testing and further developing of the VAKI Nano Counter for Peter´s live glass eels.

This is the first time we have modified one of our counters to count glass eels; the main challenge is the fact that they are almost transparent and only about 300mg in weight.
One of the prime objectives of the visit was to establish that the counter could “see” the glass eel, which to the delight of all proved to be a significant and surprising success.
The next step is to  modify the computer vision software to count these glass eels accurately.

Glass Eels as seen through the “eyes” of the Nano counter.


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