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New High Speed Counter


for bigger challengers’.

The Channel Counter

-    with over 25 years of Experience in Counting Live Fish.

VAKI has provided the market with innovative products and delivered high quality and value to its growing customer base, since 1986. VAKI focuses on fish counting and size estimation. What all our products have in common is that they give the user accurate information to facilitate planning and decision making. They also raise the level of automation and contribute towards increased efficiency in both fish farming and wild fish research.
VAKI has experienced great growth in production over the years and is now run¬ning companies in Iceland, Chile and Norway.

Today VAKI has many new products in development, and has recently introduced the new Channel Counter for large amount of big fish.



VAKI introduces a new Fish Counter for bigger challengers’

The new VAKI Channel Counter is specially made to count effectively and accurately large amount of big fish (from 300g to 12kg). The capacity has never been greater. This is possible with the new development of the counters that are based on the same technology as VAKI has been using for more than 10 years.
Technology that we already master - New approach
The counting is based on automatic video analysis and technology VAKI has developed over the last 10 years in the fry and smolt counting. Now this technology has been adapted to the fish production.
The accuracy of the count is above 98%, and is being used to count both smolts at deliveries and larger fish when graded.  The counting process is video recorded and saves images of every fish counted so the fish farmer can verify the numbers and get a thorough report on the whole counting process. The recording can be replayed frame by frame, and thereby confirmed.


How is it possible

The VAKI counters are revolutionary, based on a scanning camera and computer vision. The fish flow gently in water through the scanning area where the outlines are recorded. The fish are scattered over a large width, it is well separated and thus achieves clear and good pictures, which ensures high quality in the count.
Custom software is used to analyse and count each image. The main advantage of VAKI counters is accuracy, speed and verification of data. Stress free and fish in water at all times.


Easy assembly

In addition to high accuracy and high capacity is one of the main advantages of the VAKI Channel counter that it is integrated onto the design that are already part of the sorting machine and thus requires no extra space.


Click here for the Channel Counter Brochure

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