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New PLC presented


at Aqua Sur


Robust & Accurate


The Pipeline Counter (PLC) is installed in a pipeline from a grading machine or on the end of the pipe into a tank. The fish are counted when sliding through the pipeline, using infra-red light beams, a technology that VAKI has been using for over 25 years in its other products. A robust technology for harsh environment.

Aqua Sur Exhibition in Puerto Montt, Chile


We are back after a excellent Aqua Sur Exhibition in Puerto Montt, Chile where every two years we have the opportunity to meet many of our good customers as well as other good people in the industry.


Visitors from over 60 countries came to the exhibition making it one of the largest southern international aquaculture exhibition.


At the VAKI stand (A-102) we presented some exciting developments and updates of our products, such as our Macro Exel and a new Pipeline Counter.


•        A new and larger frame for Biomass Daily.
•        New version of the
•        Sonar system for monitoring fish behaviour in the cages.
•        Winch system for automatic placement of the frame.


•        A new edition of the Macro fish counter with greater capacity and radically new design.
•        APP for the Macro range of fish counters.
•        The new pipeline fish counter for small fish.
•        The latest grading machine with accurate electrical adjustment of the size groups.
•        Heathro fish pump, over 400 pumps in use today.


Thank you to everyone who visited our stand, here are few pictures from the exhibition this year.



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