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Riverwatcher in Focus

on the annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society

The 141st annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society was held in Seattle, Washington earlier this month. The theme for this year was “New Frontiers in Fisheries Management and Ecology: Leading the Way in a Changing World”.

Fisheries biologists from FISHBIO, along with others from around the world, were presenting their research findings and sharing ideas for new and innovative technologies. FISHBIO has been using the VAKI Riverwatcher for over 8 years with great success.
On their stand they demonstrated the VAKI Riverwatcher by fabricating a mechanical carousel that passes fibreglass fish though the VAKI Riverwatcher. By doing this they illustrated first-hand how the device detects passing fish and records data.

More information on the VAKI Riverwatcher.

Below you can see an instructive video with Scott Wucherer on how the VAKI Riverwatcher works.


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