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Smart Flow


It‘s common practice in fish-farming to grade fish into batches according to e.g. size and number. The number of fish in a batch and the size-range is variable. Now VAKI has introduced the Smart Flow system to optimize the process of grading fish into batches by controlling the entire process with a central control system.


The process consists of the steps of pumping the fish, grading the fish according to size and then to count the number of fish graded into each batch. The counter sends a message to the grader on the number of fish in each category and adapts automatically to a predetermined size distribution.


The speed and capacity of the pump is controlled automatically so that the flow of fish will be consistent. All data from the counter are then automatically stored on a cloud after each counting. All this can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone. The objective of the invention is to set forth a system and a method that result in optimised batches of fish.

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