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The Heathro fish pump is selling well


The Heathro fish pumps are selling very well and especially in Norway.

Since Vaki started selling the Heathro fish pump in Norway and Chile it has really taken off. The main reason for this success and the excellent references  is that  compared to other alternatives fish farmers find the Heathro pump

  • Easy to use 
  • Has a high capacity and performance
  • Can be used on a large size range of fish
  • Handles fish very gently.

The Heathro is a  6" pump  that can be used with hoses down to 3". Together with the radio remote control and variable speed, the Heathro fish pump accurately supply's the fish and water to graders and counters. These three pumps were delivered this week to Follasmolt in Steinsdalen, Brakedal Settefisk and Ræstad Fisk, all in Norway.

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