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VAKI prepares for bigger smolts


The fact that one can produce a bigger smolts on land also means that the supplier industry must take its restructuring. Equipment which was previously adapted less juveniles, are not in all cases longer best practice. That means new sizing of equipment and new technologies need to be submitted to take part in the trend.

VAKI has noticed that there is great demand for a larger pump in the hatchery industry. At Aqua Nor we presented a bigger fish pump than we previously had on the market.

- Finally, we got it in place. The pump that will move smolt of up to 1.2 kg, says Atle Toskedal, VAKI Norway.

Demand from industry has meant that they have developed a new and more powerful pump that has a dimension of eight inches.

He further explains that the pump is flexible and can be used for all kind of moving fish.

- All equipment for hatchery industry requires larger and more powerful equipment, and that is what we are preparing for, say Toskedal, VAKI Norway.

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