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Vaki still going strong


Last year, 2007, was a good one for Vaki, with sizeable growth on its major markets and new products that promise strong future sales.

Many fish farms were supplied with the full suite of grading and counting equipment, consisting of the Heathro Fish Pump, the Vaki Grader and the Macro Counter. It is becoming increasingly common for breeders to set these suites up in a fixed location so as not to have to spend time on ad hoc installations; it remains only to move the pump from one tank to another so as to bring the fish up to the equipment.


Biomass Daily - the new thing in biomass estimation

More and more companies are now renting biomass counters for all their farms. With the latest model, the Biomass Daily, a single counting frame is positioned on a long-term basis in each pen. Every day, the frame gathers and transmits, by wireless, all data on the size of the fish that swim through it. This is processed by a computer connected to the internet, so that sales managers and others with internet access can follow developments in each pen from day to day.


New feeding system from Vaki - mynd Vaki feeding system

Another innovation unveiled by Vaki last year is a new feeding system for breeding stations. The first such system is being set up at Lakeland, in Scotland, in early 2008. Plenty more innovations are in the pipeline: Vaki has always made a priority of developing products to meet the needs of the market.

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