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World Fish Migration Day


VAKI's participation

River Elliðaár which is one of the better salmon rivers in Iceland runs through the capital city Reykjavik.

During the World Fish Migration Day on the 24th of May 2014 a joint event will be at the river bank to introduce the fish stocks, their monitoring and utilization by angling and the overall ecology of the river.

The research company Laxfiskar will display living salmon and sea trout and introduce their life habits and how the fish stocks are annually monitored. The Reykjavik Angling Club that is responsible for River Elliðaár will present their activities and invite guests to learn the correct technique of using fly fishing rods.

VAKI will demostrate how their Riverwatcher works. The Riverwatcher is used for monitoring wild fish migration patterns in rivers in wide varity of fish ladders, weirs and passes around the world. VAKI‘s latest web-application is the Riverwatcher Daily, which makes it easier to access statistics, silhouettes and videos of all fish in the river. Users can view real-time information online and follow what is going on in the rivers at all times.

The Department of Environment and Planning of the City of Reykjavík will offer a guided walk along the river bank informing the guests about the general ecology of the Elliðaár river system in relation to the life history of its fish stocks.

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